Arthur D. Robbins, Ph.D.

I am a psychologist with a practice in Manhattan. I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Queens College, a doctorate in psychology from the New School for Social Research and a doctorate in French and Romance Philology from Columbia University, where I specialized in 18th century political thought. I spent a year and a half in Paris studying psychopathology at the Sorbonne. My articles on French literature and psychopathology have appeared in scholarly journals.

Currently, my passion is democracy, a word often used and rarely understood. I have taken the trouble to write a book on the subject. “Paradise Lost. Paradise Regained. The True Meaning of Democracy” is being released in August of 2012.

I believe that without an active, informed and vigilant citizenry, the quality of our lives as free subjects in an open society becomes eroded. We have settled for a life of getting and spending which we claim to enjoy. Yet we are anxious about the future and fearful of losing what we have. We have lost our identity as political beings. It is within our power to fix what is wrong with the world. All that is lacking is the will and a collective vision.

In my spare time I enjoy playing Bach on the cello and studying painting at the Art Students League. I once made a violin from scratch, one of my proudest achievements. I am divorced with two grown children.



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